Sihlcity takes over purchasing and delivery for risk groups

Together with the Urban Entertainment Center Sihlcity, Flash Kurier and Coop, Karling has launched a free shopping service for people from risk groups. The service is a show of solidarity for older people and people with pre-existing conditions who are now at greater health risk.


The service, which has been active since Monday, is very simple, especially for older people. All it takes is a phone call or an e-mail to place an order. Sihlcity takes care of the shopping and a courier from Flash delivers the order to the home free of charge within the city of Zurich.

The service is advertised on social media, banners, e-boards and posters around Sihlcity. In addition, flyers including pre-printed shopping slips were distributed in the mall's catchment area to draw attention to the free service offline as well.

Responsible at Sihlcity: Marianne Guldimann, Jessica Graf, Corinne Wiederkehr. Responsible at Karling: Rolf Helfenstein, Verena Fetzer, Daniel Serrano, Patrick Suter.

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