The advertising agency sets the scene for "Föfzg" for Swiss Life

The advertising agency launched an opening campaign for the new shopping centre "50 Lucerne", which had to prove plenty of flexibility already in the first week.


The agency has created a world that can be brought to life quickly and without restriction on all communication channels. The house number "50" was made into a signboard. With the addition of "Föfzg. Fifty. Fifty." a communication element is created on which the entire campaign is built, namely the use of dialect, German and English.

"It was very important to us to develop an approachable appearance and to respond to regional characteristics," says Andrea Zanzerl, Senior Brand & Design Strategist at Die Werbekanzlei. "Therefore, the use of Swiss German is an important part of the branding and hopefully provides a wink or two."

The shopping centre opened its doors as early as 26 March 2020. However, not quite as planned. Instead of the planned three-day event with various attractions, a quick rethink was necessary due to COVID-19. So the advertising agency, together with Radio Lozärn, put on a live stream concert. The musician Pablo Nouvelle performed live from the "50". The show was broadcast on social media and radio and reached over 15,000 people.

In addition, a branding wall adorned the scaffolding of the building until the opening and drew attention to what was to come. Printed gym bags filled with goodies were ready to take away every morning. The bags were sold out every morning within a short time and so not only the tenants could be presented in a friendly way, but also the people could be made happy.

"Creating a connection with the people in Lucerne was an essential factor. Inspiring people with little things, especially in this day and age, is hugely important. Celebrating the little things and identifying with them is our incentive" says Turan Oeznalci, Creative Director.

Within a very short time, a digital campaign was implemented that continues to grow with the products and tenants. There is a lot of emphasis on social media.

"A modular concept that can be constantly adapted quickly and can be experienced in both the online and offline world was our aspiration from the very beginning. It is not limited, so there are many possibilities that are exciting for tenants and customers," says Fabian Meier, Real Estate Asset Manager at Swiss Life.


Responsible at Swiss LifeFabian Meier (Real Estate Asset Manager); Nils Linsi (Real Estate Portfolio Manager). Responsible at CBREWerner Aerni (Head of Center Management). Responsible at Die WerbekanzleiAndrea Zanzerl (Senior Brand & Design Strategist); Ladina Baumgartner (Senior Project Manager); Dominique Huwyler (Graphic Design); Turan Oeznalci (Creative Director); Patrick Varga (Managing Director). Photo/FilmChristoph Varga & Team.

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