KSP for Haschi Chews: Ready, Steady, Chew!

Haschi Chews are the new nutritional supplements from Halter Bonbons. They are available in three flavors on Coop and Coop City health shelves. KSP is responsible for the entire relaunch of the brand, initially on Instagram and Facebook, including content management.

KSP für Haschi Chews: Ready, Steady, Chew!

The new candies are available in three varieties: With caffeine for an energy boost, with lemon for a vitamin kick or with ginger for feel-good power. The campaign visualizes that Haschi Chews help support the immune system in everyday life, at school, during sports or at work.

Currently, the sweets also help with tips for home, be it in the home office or homeschooling.


Responsible at Halter BonbonsFabian Kyburz (Brand Manager). Responsible at KSPUwe Schlupp (creative direction); Alba Rau (art direction, photography, image editing); Tim Ruf (animation, illustration); Barbara Sarras (text/community management). Stéphanie Tschanz, Sabrina Deuss (Consulting/Community Management).

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