20 Minute Radio and Rod support the community in their everyday working life at home

In April, 20 Minuten Radio and Rod Kommunikation launched a short-term campaign under the motto "The radio by your side". The editorial offer is supplemented with a music offer for the home office. It also portrays the community in its quarantine everyday life.


20 Minuten Radio has been delivering the sound to 20 minutes and complements the brand with news as well as content specifically tailored to the community. Together with Rod Kommunikation, the lead agency of 20 minutes, a new campaign geared to the current special situation is now being rolled out under the slogan "The radio at your side".

Program director Marc Jäggi emphasizes that the program has also been adapted to the new needs of the community. Since mid-March, for example, 20 Minuten Radio has been offering sound for the home office and accompanying listeners through the day in a structured way. In addition, various aspects of the changed living conditions are highlighted and individual listeners are portrayed.

The campaign has been live throughout German-speaking Switzerland since 23 March on posters, print ads, display ads and social media.

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