Jung von Matt/Limmat and Frankly save private pension provision

The Zurich agency Jung von Matt/Limmat accompanied the launch of the new ZKB app "Frankly" with a digital-first awareness and activation campaign that encourages people to take their private pension provision into their own hands.


The fact is: many people don't really know who takes care of their private pension provision. Or they simply don't care. Frankly aims to change that. The ZKB's retirement planning app encourages the Swiss to take their retirement planning into their own hands - and makes this clear with the long-term guiding principle "It's up to you".

Through a completely digital onboarding, Frankly aims to provide quick and easy access to value-based private pension provision. Jung von Matt/Limmat supported Zürcher Kantonalbank with the launch of the app as strategic and communicative lead agency and implemented the campaign with various partners, including Webrepublic and The House.


The Coon, my trusted banker

Although the topic of "private pension provision" is constantly on everyone's lips and is burning under the nails of the population, there is surprisingly little discussion of it. Here the raccoon, the kangaroo, the alpaca and the marmot step into the light. Together and in different moving image formats, they demonstrate that you shouldn't let just anyone manage your private pension provision.


A campaign for all needs

The campaign's awareness measures include display, social, TV and print ads, cinema spots and OOH measures. In the course of the customer journey, potentially interested parties come into contact with the concrete advantages of Frankly at various online touchpoints. Each advantage of the app is played out multiple times through retargeting of the target group and widely communicated as customized online ads.

Depending on the need, interested parties are individual Customized Landing Pages guided. The landing pages serve as an interest-specific information hub and motivate future customers to download the app according to their needs.


Agile setup for volatile times

In view of the volatile economic situation at the time of Frankly's market entry, it is all the more important for campaign playout to be able to react to the unexpected. The core of the media strategy is an agile campaign setup that is constantly reviewed and optimized. The agile setup made it possible to launch the campaign on time despite the extraordinary situation and to adapt it to the currently prevailing conditions.


Prelaunch with microsite and interaction bonus

Before the launch, leads were generated with the help of a referral program. By subscribing to the newsletter and recommending it to others in their own network, users were able to secure various benefits. The more friends and acquaintances registered, the longer the period during which Frankly could be used free of charge.

While the Frankly website provides the most important information in the main campaign, a microsite with a personalized dashboard was designed for the prelaunch phase. The Launch event on 19 March 2020 was publicly broadcast via Facebook stream due to the extraordinary situation in Switzerland.


Responsible at ZKB: Nirmala Alther (Market PR), Angela Baumann (Head of Campaign Management), Monica Dreyer Staub (Head of Marketing and Brand Management), Bettina Giménez (Head of App Marketing), Livia Otth (Project Management Marketing and Communication), Alexandra Rahm (Performance Marketing), Dominik Streich (Branding), René Weiss (Head of Touchpoint Management & Campaigns), Nadja Wirth (Social Media). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Carsten Jamrow (overall responsibility), Rob Hartmann (creative direction), Eric Markowski, Jehmsei Keo, Stefano Sciolti, Samuel Christ (text), Cansu Sezer, Niko Pelz, Vanessa Savi (art direction), Daniel Muther, Samir Behlsen (UX), Christian Omlin, Paolo Marioni (Strategy), Laura Saner (PR) Andrea Müller, Simon Bietenhader (Project Management), Nick Schoberth (Client Director), Vera Riemeier (Executive Project Director), René Schwarz (Chief Experience Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Tech: Aleš Kozina (Frontend Development), Samuel Hauser (Full-Stack Development), Piotr Skwira (Application Development), Piotr Kamiński (Application Development), Michelle Danilschenko (Managing Director, Creation & Experience), Stefan Bruggmann (Managing Director, Development), Christian Koop (Managing Director, Technical Consulting. Responsible at Jung von Matt/Services: Pepe Kägi, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Claudia Weiss, Desirée Lanz (media realisation). External partners: Responsible at Adresult (prelaunch website); Marc Dätwyler, Sascha Eisner, Kurt Schwendener. Responsible at Webrepublic (Media Strategy, Implementation & Realisation); Chris Hanan (Partner), Joël Meier (Director Media), Adrian Wenzl (Director Performance Marketing), Selina Spannagel, Leslie Frey, Michael Zenhäusern (Social Media Marketing), Lorin Vögeli, Gary Gantner (Programmatic Advertising), Christoph Voellmy, Courtney Binkert, Petra Jaksic, Cléo Kingsada (SEA), Katja Martinello, Julian Schnaars, Tendai Bollinger (Graphics&Design), Boris Meier, Silvan Burnand (Digital Analytics), Amanda Possa (Project Management). Responsible at The House Agency (Media Strategy & Realisation): Stephan Suter (Media Director, CEO), Verena Hofmann (Senior Media Consultant), Nikolina Caleta (Senior Media Consultant), Nadine Vasella (BGL). Responsible for In a Nutshell - Kurzgesagt (Animation. Responsible for Jeff (launch event); Nicolas Jakob (graphics), Peter Day (partner), Matthias Klöti (production management), Luca Ljaskowsky (production assistance), Linus Eidenbenz (project management). Responsible at Czar Film (Moving Image); Jan Fincke, Sandy Blum (Executive Producer), Philippe Favre (Producer), Bart Timmer (Director), Adam Wallensten (DoP), Jingle Jungle (Recording Studio), BaconX (PostProduction).

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