Allianz and Sir Mary launch new courage campaign

In a new campaign, Allianz wishes Switzerland more courage in times of Corona. Instead of talking about insurance products, the campaign shows the current situation in Switzerland. The spot, created at the Sir Mary agency, is remarkable for its style alone: it consists of real-time footage from Switzerland.


In the lives of people and especially families, everything has changed since last week at the latest: schools and kindergartens are closed, shelves are empty, public places are deserted. How do you advertise in times of Corona? When people even worry about toilet paper?


Allianz sets an example

Brands need to ask themselves whether they simply want to remain silent for the next few months or perhaps take on a more relevant role. At Allianz, communication around the consequences of the Corona crisis is not standing still at the moment. While many marketing departments are still discussing the matter, the insurance company is sending out a signal for more courage in Switzerland. The courage to stay cool, the courage to fight on.


Responsible at Allianz: Thomas Wegmann, Thomas Jost, Claudia Staub, Rahel Habersaat, Simone Schmitt. Sir Mary's in charge: Florian Beck, Andi Portmann, Pascal Baumann, Katrin Espelage, Tobias Roeben, Constantin Camesasca, Jennifer Meier, Julia Fischhaber, Jasmine Blötzer, Katharina Günther, Sofia Kaitala, Eticus Rozas, Fabian Habisreutinger, Nicolas Hostettler, Daniel Zuberbühler, Doity (Production), Andy Was Right (Footage Switzerland).

Allianz will be launching more topical spots in the coming days and weeks. The overriding message: never lose heart. The spots will be supplemented by social posts that are also intended to encourage people.


Andy Was Right And Doity Provide Authentic Images

The campaign should show images that are as authentic as possible. To achieve this, a production setup was chosen that delivers moving images practically in real time. A two-person team of reporters from Andy Was Right in Zurich was brought in, in collaboration with the production company Doity from Berlin, which is responsible for the final production.


Digital and moving image boom "thanks" to Corona crisis

In the coming weeks and months, the use of digital channels in Switzerland will continue to boom as rarely before. The makers are convinced that good content and a tone adapted to the circumstances will count more than ever. In recent weeks, the consumption of digital moving images in particular has increased enormously. The distribution of the content follows this trend. The campaign will be flexibly adapted to user behaviour with programmatic media buying and will be controlled on connected TV, mobile and desktop placements.

The moving image campaign also relies in particular on innovative, post-linear TV formats such as Samsung TV ads, Blick TV or the YouTube placements, which have now been expanded to include TV. Further moving image reach is generated via the popular Internet TVs, premium news and streaming platforms. Programmatic buying across all devices makes it possible to precisely control the contact dose per consumer in order to ensure the optimal frequency of advertising impressions across the board.

Compared to previous campaigns, significant improvements in efficiency are already visible, for example by minimising wastage and avoiding over- and under-dosing, says Sir Mary.


Other campaign was already ready

Thomas Wegmann, Head of Market Management and member of the Executive Board at Allianz Suisse, explains: "A planned campaign was already fixed and we had to decide at the last minute how to respond to this particular situation. Certainly not simply advertise. Much more bring our brand attitude to life and engage with the challenging daily lives of our customers with encouraging messages."

Florian Beck, co-founder and Chief Creative at Sir Mary, praises the customer side: "Stop everything? Leave everything as it is? Make everything new? Turn everything over to Corona? I don't want to be CMO right now. All the more reason to be pleased when Allianz's marketing manager acts in the spirit of his own campaign: Courage means - right now - doing."

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