Mycommerce and Friendly Greetings turn the beekeeper into an e-beekeeper

Localsearch has launched a cross-media campaign for the e-commerce product Mycommerce. The idea and implementation were penned by the Zurich agency Freundliche Grüsse.


Mycommerce is an e-commerce solution for SMEs that allows even non-professionals to open their own online shop. The campaign with the motto "Upgrade your business" shows how even traditional entrepreneurs can sell successfully online without much prior knowledge and upgrade their existing business. The fictional beekeeper Beat Schäppi serves as an example, who becomes an e-beekeeper through Mycommerce and gets his honey business humming online. 

The all-in-one solution for SMEs integrates marketing, sales and payment functions and can be connected to the most important digital marketplaces such as Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping and others.

Responsible for LocalsearchVanessa Marr (Head of E-Commerce); Jonas Huonder (Product Marketing Manager E-Commerce). Responsible for Friendly regardsPascal Deville, Samuel Textor, Manuela Brunner (overall responsibility); Sebastian Blomgren, Andrea Aegerter, Jasmine Segginger (consulting); Res Matthys, Bernhard Brungs (text/concept); Norihito Iida, Alain Aebersold (art direction); Maude Mahrer (graphics); Nadine Mojado (creative production). ProductionMarkenfilm (film and photo production); Gregor Brändli (director); Joël Roth (illustration/animation).

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