Subtlety for SRK: A Game as an Info-Vehicle

With a game for the Swiss Red Cross, the Feinheit agency wants to encourage people to expand their knowledge of development aid and consolidate their existing knowledge.


The aim of the Swiss Red Cross mission was to provide interested parties with sound information on the subject of development aid so that it is fundamentally more widely understood. Proponents of development cooperation should also be able to learn more facts that underline the effectiveness of development cooperation.

Feinheit had proposed to achieve this goal through gamification, thus imparting knowledge without it feeling like imparting knowledge. The result is an online duel, the so-called "Redcross Challenge"in which anyone and everyone can compete with a prominent personality: Who knows where in the world the most Syrian refugees live? How many children are malnourished?

The playful implementation and the duel situation are intended to provide users with a positive, relaxed experience despite the serious subject matter. Together with its sister company Blindflug Studios, Feinheit has been exploring the educational use of games and gamification since 2013.

The production of the "Redcross Challenge" was done in-house at Feinheit. From the website to the final screen "You won" or "You lost", user journeys were created for which a wide variety of elements had to be produced. Feinheit was responsible for the campaign concept, the production of the challenge website (design, front-end and back-end), the creation of the questions and answers, the production of various multimedia contents for the website, but also for the communication and marketing in the digital campaign.


Responsible at Swiss Red CrossLaurence Perroud, Thomas Gass, Nicole Fankhauser, Irina Sterchi, Sabine Zeilinger, Katharina Schindler, Célia Francillon, Seraina Gysin, Gianna Blum, Franziska Bundi. Responsible for fineness: Moritz Friess (conception challenge and online marketing); Carmen Schoder (conception communication); Diego Borellini (web design); Nadine Siegrist (illustration); Martin Schweizer, Wellen Gschwind (multimedia production); Urs Breton, Jacqueline Cardano (technical project manager website implementation); Jeremy Spillmann (game design supervision of Blindflug Studios); Matthias Kestenholz (back-end programming); Dan Büschlen, Alban Bochsler (front-end programming).

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