20 Minuten launches issue with exclusively female word forms

On the occasion of International Women's Day on Sunday, the Monday edition of 20 Minuten appeared in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland with exclusively female word forms. The campaign was realized in collaboration with Coca-Cola and implemented by Wunderman Thompson.


Coca-Cola has continued the experiment with 20 minutes realized as part of the campaign "For a Switzerland of #mitenand" launched in January, in which the company wants to stand up for a colorful and discrimination-free society (Werbewoche.ch reported). Social clichés and prejudices were to be addressed and questioned. Wunderman Thompson is responsible for the implementation.


A prominent banner on the front page of 20 minutes already drew attention to the action. Terms such as female doctors, managers or politicians were marked with an asterisk (*) referring to the explanation of the experiment at the end of the newspaper. In addition, female readers* are invited to participate in a Online discussion participate


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