Publicis and Micasa ask: And what does it go with in your home?

Micasa continues the campaign "Matches everything you already have" with a simple promotion. It was created by Publicis.


The campaign designed by Publicis Zurich for the Migros furniture store is going into a new round. This time with a promotion: The customer receives 20 percent off the product of his choice if he specifies what this Micasa item goes with in his home.


The promotion is advertised with cheerful spots, among other things. Once again it becomes clear that Micasa goes perfectly with everything you already have at home. For example, the Micasa floor lamp for the armchair on which the husband has been reading the newspaper since he retired. The campaign is now running on numerous offline and online channels as well as at POP.


Responsible at Micasa: Silvia Girtanner (Head of Department MarKom Micasa/Interio), Daryl Peter (Project Manager MarKom Micasa), Xenia Artho (Junior Project Manager MarKom Micasa), Simone Blaser (Senior Project Manager Media), Lea Arago (Content Manager). Responsible at Publicis: Johannes Raggio, Peter Brönnimann (Creative Director), Priska Meyer (Senior Art Director), Jan Theus (Junior Art Director), Matthias Koller (Managing Director), Meret Lauener (Senior Account Director), Jacqueline Willimann (Account Director), Sarida Bossoni (Art Buyer/TV Producer @Prodigious). Responsible for production: CZAR Film (Film Production), Johannes Schroeder (Director), Sandy Blum (Executive Producer), Philippe Favre, Paula Liszko (Line Producer), Daryl Hefti (DoP), Cecile Grieder (Set Design) Tea Soza (Styling), Marco Strihic (Editing) Daniela Apitius (Postproducer Slgh Zurich), Samuel Muff (Grading), Jingle Jungle (Sound Studio).

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