This is where life is played: KSP promotes the new Golf

"This is where life is played". This is the claim of the new VW Golf, which will be released this spring. KSP is promoting the eighth generation of the Wolfsburg classic.


Thanks to numerous innovative features, it is even more digital, even more connected, and even more intelligent than its seven predecessors. After the announcement at the beginning of the year with the cheerful fail campaign on social media, the Watson cooperation and the SMS newsletter, the classic launch campaign has now started in two phases. First the awareness phase with new subjects in the "Vibrant Power" look and directly following the leasing campaign in the reduced product appearance of the new brand design. The campaign can be seen on TV and in cinemas, DOOH and OOH, in print, on banners and at POS.


Responsible at AMAG Import Volkswagen: Melanie Felder (Teamleader Marketing Communication Volkswagen); Diana Rizzo (Marketing Communication Manager Volkswagen). Responsible at KSP: Daniel Krieg (creative direction); Dani Zehnder, Barbara Sarras (text); Alba Rau (art direction); Lukas Vigniti (graphics); Stéphanie Tschanz, Franziska Saxer (consulting); Noemi Rubera (production). Responsible at Mediacom: Niels Keil (Communication Planning Manager); Svetlana Savatic (Senior Communication Planner /Consultant); Florian Hamer (Digital Communication Consultant & Planner).




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