Serviceplan launches a crazy sensible snack for Camille Bloch

With So Nuts, Camille Bloch is launching a new snack on the market. Serviceplan Suisse accompanied the product launch process from positioning to the launch campaign.


So Nuts is the new snack from Camille Bloch - available as hazelnuts coated with a fine layer of Ragusa and as almonds coated with Torino. The new snack is the latest chapter in the history of the family business, which was founded in 1929.

So Nuts is positioned as a balanced snack and is intended to appeal to those who eat consciously but do not want to or cannot do without indulgence - and the impulsive desire for chocolate. The campaign motto "Crazy. Sensible" was derived from these opposites, visually dramatized with an illustrated campaign subject.

The individual measures of the launch campaign can be seen at Coop, Coop to go and Coop Pronto from mid-February to the end of April. These include in-store posters and various POS advertising materials as well as advertisements and a landing page. This will be accompanied by a nationwide sampling with 200 promoters, where passers-by can try out the snack.


Responsible at Chocolats Camille BlochDaniel Bloch (CEO); Manfred Stiefel (Director of Sales and Marketing); Fabienne Leuenberger (Marketing Manager); Oliver Guenot (Senior Product Manager). Responsible at Serviceplan SuisseRaul Serrat (Executive Creative Direction); Florian Birkner, Marcin Baba (Creative Direction); Moritz Lüth (Art Direction); Günter Zumbach, Yannick Owen (Text); Dario Pucci (Web Design); Florian Zwinge (Illustration); Sidonie Bauer, Edi Walker (Consulting); Carmen Anderegg (Production Management); Barbara Meier, Victor Borel (DTP); Pam Hügli (Overall Responsibility).

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