KSP celebrates 25 years of Naturaline with Coop

For 25 years, Coop has been focusing on environmentally and socially responsible textile production with Naturaline. KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner is responsible for the communication of the anniversary.


To mark the anniversary, Coop City is giving away a lucky ribbon with every purchase of a Naturaline textile item, which was knotted in India from organic cotton and made up in the Madiswil workshop for the disabled. In addition, for the 25th anniversary, Coop City now offers a large selection of shoppers and backpacks from the Zurich label Rossis, in addition to an anniversary collection of polo shirts and dresses. All are made of durable canvas with 100 % organic cotton.

The anniversary logo with the planet made of organic cotton yarn runs through all activities from the T-shirt to the campaign to the POS and the tote bag.


Responsible at Coop CityPia Bracher (Head of CM/Procurement Near and Non Food); Ursula Künzle (Head of Advertising WH); Claudine Kalbermatter (Project Management Advertising WH). Responsible at KSP: Uwe Schlupp, Anita Kummer (creative direction); Florence Schaffter, Tobias Brunner, Lukas Vigniti, Jelena Germann (graphics); Daniel Zehnder (text); Tiffany Brunner, Christin Linn (consulting); detail (image editing).

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