Department of Noise extends Sound Identity of Bank Cler

What kind of music should a company use for audiovisual communications to match its brand, among other things? To meet this need, Department of Noise has created a comprehensive, systemic solution for Bank Cler.

Bank Cler

In addition to its musical sponsorship commitment, Bank Cler is also continuously expanding its own brand sound.

The basis for this is the sound identity, which was designed by Department of Noise in collaboration with Scholtysik & Partner in 2017 as part of Bank Cler's brand launch. Based on this, two sound assets have now been produced. On the one hand, a curated playlist with 30 music tracks from online databases, which are located in a matrix according to the brand's areas of impact, according to intensity and according to the topics Bank Cler is working on. Furthermore, a "Video Score Set" was produced, which includes three exclusively created, universally applicable music tracks that are aligned with the brand's values and accordingly suitable for brand-related content. These tracks are also located in said matrix and bear the titles of their intended effect: "Digital Challenger", "Digital Native" as well as "Empathic Compagnion". Bank Cler thus has a music pool at its disposal that should allow it a high degree of creative freedom without the brand feeling falling by the wayside.

"With this content music solution, Department of Noise has provided us with a comprehensive tool that helps us to use 'sound' in a coherent and emotionally sharp way in the content area as well. And the exclusively produced tracks are not only 'right' for the brand, but are also really fun to listen to," says Greg Eicher, Head of Marketing at Bank Cler.

The Branded Content Music solution is now in use at Bank Cler.

Bank Cler

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