Home Zurich for Bank Cler: When the father of the bride talks openly about money

The image campaign "Time to talk about money" has been around since the early days of Bank Cler. With a new film, Heimat Zürich wants to activate the communicative platform once again in an unusual way. 


The message: money is an important topic even where it is taboo as a (conversational) subject. Because even though it's not talked about at this kind of event, there are undoubtedly some financial issues in the air.

A father of the bride in a TV commercial, which is supposed to be an entertaining invitation to Switzerland to be a little more open in financial matters, shows what it looks like when the topic is addressed quite bluntly.

To reach the target group on different channels in a format-appropriate way, there is a long-form version in addition to the 30-second TV version, as well as story and bumper formats for online and social media.


Responsible at Bank ClerGregor Eicher (Head of Marketing); Mats Bachmann (Head of CEO Office). Responsible creative agency: Home Zurich. Media agency: Phd.

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