FCB Zurich and Change Paris present the new TGV Lyria

Just in time for the beginning of the year, TGV Lyria launches its new rail fleet with completely renovated and renewed trains, two-level carriages and fresh design. Change Paris and FCB Zurich have created the new annual campaign for France and Switzerland.

FCB Zürich

During the implementation, the focus was especially on the consideration of cultural subtleties between France and Switzerland. A special double-decker train of the new TGV generation was organized for the shoot.

All the motifs were photographed in a traveling composition that spent an entire day shuttling between Paris and Zurich, which is intended to reinforce the authenticity of the various situations. One car of the rolling set was specifically available for styling and make-up, one bar car was converted into crew catering and three other cars became shooting locations.

Taking the cultural context into account, the casting, styling and wording for each advertising medium were defined on a country-specific basis. In intensive exchange with the Parisian sister agency Change, an argument relevant to the respective country and its verbal implementation were sought for each motif.

The TGV Lyria campaign can be seen in the form of posters, online banners, digital out-of-home as well as on various social media channels.

FCB Zürich

Responsible at TGV LyriaPascal Sommer (Head of Marketing); Pascale Bougréau (Head of Communications); Alice Perron (Brand and External Communication Manager). Responsible at Change Paris: Patrick Mercier (Overall Responsibility France); Domitille Richard (Client Service Director); Adina Gill (Production Manager); Xavier Beauregard (Creative Director); Nicolas Comastri (Art Director). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Cornelia Harder (Overall Responsibility Switzerland); Dario Mastrogiovanni (Account Director); Nadia Moret (Account Manager); Véronique Forster (Intercultural Specialist); David Honegger (Senior Copywriter); Paul Labun (Art Director). ProductionVincent Dixon (Photographer); Shortneck (Production).

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