Thjnk Zurich and Ochsner Sport: Social media guerrilla action at the Ski World Cup

Thjnk Zurich and Ochsner Sport have launched the "Name Game" social media competition to get ski fans involved in sports sponsorship.

Ochsner Sport

Der Sport-Retailer ist seit 17 Jahren als Partner von Swiss-Ski an den Schweizer Rennen in Adelboden und Wengen vertreten. Als Hauptsponsor der Fahrer stellt Ochsner Sport seit 10 Jahren die Fahrermütze her, die an Skirennen nicht mehr wegzudenken ist. Zum 10-Jahr-Jubiläum der Kultmütze wollte etwas Spezielles gewagt werden. Somit wurde die Königsplatzierung des Logos an die Fans abgegeben.

A social media campaign was launched with the "Name Game" campaign. Users were invited to follow the Swiss athletes on Instagram. Before the races, they posted a photo of themselves and their hats on their Instagram channels. Those who liked it were automatically entered into the draw.

To find out if you had won, you had to watch the live TV broadcast of the race. At the finish line, the driver put on the cap with the winner's Instagram name printed on it and now stood like this in front of the journalists' cameras.

The promotion was advertised online and on social media, as well as in Ochsner Sports stores, and was first run at the Ski World Cup races in Adelboden and Wengen. The promotion will continue at the remaining races of the season.


Responsible at Ochsner SportMarco Greco (Head of Marketing); Deborah Lüthi (Team Leader Communication); Patrizia Fiechter (Responsible for Classic Communication); Alessia Zuddas (Responsible for Content Marketing and Social Media); Raffael Zanoni (Team Leader Sponsoring & Events); David Wittensöldner, Sandro Ackermann (Project Management Sponsoring & Events). Responsible at Thjnk ZurichAlexander Jaggy (Managing Director Creation); Lukas Frischknecht (Art Direction); Lukas Amgwerd (Text); Calvin Kröhne (Digital Direction); Andrea Bison (Managing Director Consulting); Marie Vuilleumier (Project Management); Gordon Nemitz (Managing Director Strategy). Responsible at Tyma Film: Yannis Petrone, Tim Holder, Dino Reichmuth.

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