CSP for SP Switzerland: Together against hate and violence

On February 9, 2020, Switzerland will vote on the extension of the anti-racism criminal code. This should now also offer protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Social Democratic Party is campaigning for a YES vote together with the Zurich advertising agency KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner.


The non-partisan motto of the campaign is "Yes to protection from hate". The SP supplements this main message with its own posters. And in doing so, it is playing to one of its old strengths: a clear message with combative imagery. This and other subjects have been realized in collaboration with Swiss illustrator Stephan Schmitz.


Hate turns into violence

The posters show a black and white speech bubble on a pink background that turns into a fist. The message is: "Because violence begins with hate". It sums up the connection between hate speech and hate crime in a few words.


KSP shows its colors

The agency responsible, KSP, is itself also behind the bill. "Of course, as an advertising agency, we stand up for freedom of opinion. But hate is not an opinion," says co-owner Uwe Schlupp. That's why they will also be promoting a YES vote on their own channels. There will be additional subjects such as a megaphone from which no words but shots come out. Additional messages such as "Land of minorities - and proud of it" will also be posted.


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