Dreifive: Finding the right Volvo with a Facebook Messenger chatbot

Dreifive and Volvo Car Switzerland are taking a mobile-first approach and launching a Facebook Messenger chatbot. The aim is to provide users with a novel car configuration experience.


Users of Volvo Car Switzerland's Facebook page now have the option of using Facebook Messenger Chatbot to find the right vehicle. Through an automated query, vehicle category, vehicle size, engine and budget can be defined. After selecting a model and color, consumers are redirected to the official Volvo configurator or invited directly to a test drive.

With the goal of engaging users in an innovative way and generating sustainable leads, Dreifive created the appropriate idea and content building blocks. "We love technology, but only if it makes people's lives easier, more convenient and safer. At Volvo, the focus is on people. And we wanted to make this brand promise tangible for our fans and for potential customers with the new Messenger chatbot on Facebook," says Giovanni Porcelli, Digital & Social Media Manager at Volvo Car Switzerland.

The chatbot application was designed with a clear infotainment character. The chatbot features interactive buttons as well as a text dialog and user path. Users can playfully click through to the appropriate Volvo model and thus learn about the various personalization options. 

By using a messenger service, the campaign follows a mobile-first approach. This is intended to enable optimal display on all common mobile devices as well as the use of a desktop version. The technical implementation of the Facebook Messenger chatbot was carried out in cooperation with Memacon, a consultancy for Messenger communication. Managing director and owner Moritz Beck emphasizes: "Volvo's courage and commitment show its willingness to enter the cCommerce business (conversational commerce) soon and to act as an innovative pioneer on the market."

Volvo Car Switzerland has been working with Dreifive in the area of social media for over five years. The agency manages the car manufacturer's profiles on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In addition, Dreifive created performance-optimized social media ads for different target groups.

Responsible at Volvo Car SwitzerlandGiovanni Porcelli (Digital & Social Media Manager). Responsible at DreifiveMarcel Meierhofer (Consultant Social Media); Torsten Schallmeier (Senior Concept Designer); Imre Rajci (Junior Digital Designer); Marleen Albert (Head of Social Media). Responsible at MemaconMoritz Beck (Managing Director/Owner).

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