KSP provides more wins with the VW Golf

For the VW Golf, which will be released in spring 2020, KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner makes use of the world of funny fail gifs. The result is an entertaining campaign with various measures.


"Here's where life plays" is the claim of the new VW Golf, which is more digital, connected and intelligent than its seven predecessors thanks to various innovative features.

On behalf of Amag, the lead agency took up the theme of "life" and spun it further in communicative terms. The principle: First of all, real failures that have gone viral on the Internet are shown, which are part of life. After that, reference is made to the new Golf, which is supposed to ensure significantly fewer fails and more wins.


Fail Tuesdays with Watson

In December 2019, two "Fail Tuesdays" were sponsored on Watson.ch as well as on its social media channels, and each was resolved with a feature of the new Golf - in keeping with the motto "Leave the Fails to Others."


Four videos for four features

The story of the failures is being continued by Amag itself in a national online video campaign. The focus is on the four most important features of the new Golf: Mobile Key, Voice Control, Innovision Cockpit and IQ.Light.


SMS Newsletter

Prospective buyers could sign up for an SMS or email newsletter. The six text messages sent between December and January all begin with the same question: "Do you know this?" The resolution shows how the Golf can solve these typical everyday problems.


Responsible at Amag Import VolkswagenMelanie Felder (Teamleader Marketing Communication Volkswagen); Diana Rizzo (Marketing Communication Manager Volkswagen). Responsible at KSP: Daniel Krieg (creative direction); Nico Kesper (text and content); Alba Rau (graphics); Stéphanie Tschanz, Franziska Saxer (consulting); Simon Kaserer, Noemi Rubera (production). Responsible at MediacomNiels Keil (Communication Planning Manager); Svetlana Savatic (Senior Communication Planner /Consultant); Florian Hamer (Digital Communication Consultant & Planner).

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