Basel West and Joel Cartier realize image film for Aventron

Powerful images: The Basel West agency and Joel Cartier have created an image film for Aventron that is intended to underline the emotional side and the quality promise of the company.


The company, based in Münchenstein, builds renewable energy power plants throughout Europe. To this end, it is looking for investors and development partners from the industry who focus on sustainable and stable investments. Aventron's hydro, wind and solar power plants supply over half a million people with natural electricity.

The new image film is intended to emphasise the emotional side and the quality promise of the company. The power plants are located in attractive landscapes that radiate naturalness. Drone shots show the surroundings in their beauty and the harmonious symbiosis of nature and technology. 


Responsible at AventronAntoine Millioud (CEO). Responsible at Basel West Corporate CommunicationsMarkus Siegenthaler (Consulting). Conception/Production: Joel Cartier, Severin Stark.

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