Why Not: Thjnk Zurich and Credit Suisse Launch Entrepreneur Campaign

Thjnk Zurich has implemented a large-scale entrepreneurial campaign for Credit Suisse, which is meant to be an ode to visionaries and hard-working entrepreneurs.


Credit Suisse's marketing is continuing on the path begun in May and is now launching a second comprehensive campaign. "Like the youth campaign 'Zieh's durch', the positioning as a 'bank for entrepreneurs' is now also intended to contribute to the brand essence of Credit Suisse," says Roman Reichelt, Head of Marketing & Sponsorship at Credit Suisse. says Roman Reichelt, Head of Marketing & Sponsorship.

In the campaign for entrepreneurs, Credit Suisse wants to celebrate faith in itself and its ideas. Accordingly, the guiding idea across the campaign is not the question "Why?", but "Why not". As a self-confident statement, "Why not?" is intended to be the unifying element of the campaign and to appeal to entrepreneurs who not only take on challenges, but seek them out.

"Where others see a drone, a hemp leaf or a mushroom, entrepreneurs think of fire source detectors, pharmaceuticals or packaging materials," says David Schätti, Head of Initiatives & Advertising Corporate Clients, describing both the mindset and the creative idea behind "Why Not."

Credit Suisse wants to position itself as a fast, reliable partner that can keep up with these ideas and offer the right services and advice. The bank communicates services such as paperless account opening, the uncomplicated online loan or initiatives such as the upcoming Entrepreneur Day in the multi-stage campaign from the awareness to the consideration to the performance level. The data-driven digital, social, out-of-home, print and POS advertising media are segmented by target group.


Responsible at Credit SuisseRoman Reichelt (Head of Marketing & Sponsorship); Judith Schulte (Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising); David Schätti (Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Corporate Clients, Project Management); Monica Peter, Belinda Simeon, Alexandra Rödner (Marketing Corporate Clients, Project Team); Tanja Klotz (Responsible Media Strategy & Planning); Thierry Pool (Head Digital & Content Marketing); Sebastian Schäufele, Valon Saiti, Tharek Murad Aga, Daniel Knöpfli (Digital & Content Marketing). Responsible at Thjnk ZurichAlexander Jaggy (Managing Director Creation); Samuel Wicki, Torben Otten, Georg Baur (Creative Direction); Lukas Amgwerd (Text); Lukas Frischknecht, Leandro Disler (Art Direction); Calvin Kröhne (Digital Direction); Andrea Bison (Managing Director Consulting); Angela Cristofari (Consulting); Gordon Nemitz (Managing Director Strategy). Responsible at Plan B Film: Jessica Sonderegger (Producer); Simon Ladefoged (Director); Johan Palm (Cinematographer). Other partnersUKO - The Audio Suite (sound design); Marko Strihic (editing); Adriel Pfister (color correction). PhotographyLars Ranek, Ant Strack, PX2 (image processing). MediaMediacom, Webrepublic, Swiss Online Publishing.

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