In flagrante for PostFinance: A credit card makes gifts

In Flagranti launched an integrated campaign for PostFinance that highlights the customer benefits of a credit card promotion.


The campaign shows what you can do with 50 francs: You can afford something extra on a trip, fulfill a long-cherished shopping wish, or even pay for a subscription to online gaming. This added value was communicated through various channels. Anyone who applied for a new credit card during the promotion period received the 50 francs credited to their account as an initial gift.

The various subjects of the campaign were geared to the target groups of travel and gaming enthusiasts as well as to the overall topic of shopping. They were played out via a campaign with advertisements in major print titles, personalized mailings, displays on websites such as Tripadvisor, and posters and flyers in Post and PostFinance branches.

Around ten different videos were played out on social media to show in a humorous way how practical a credit card is and what you can afford for the inaugural gift of 50 francs.

In Flagranti was responsible for the concept and realization of the promotion campaign. Media planning and booking was carried out by Havas Media and Webrepublic.

Responsible at PostFinanceMarco Serratore, Mario Agostino, Monika Siegenthaler, Philipp Gasser, Florian Grützner. Responsible at In Flagranti Communication: Nicolas Engel (Senior Client Consultant); Luigi Del Medico (Creative Director); Sarah Rüegger (Copywriter); Janine Schwegler (Art Director); Tim Glatthard (Multimedia Producer); Jan Leibacher (Multimedia Producer).

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