Thjnk Zurich launches augmented reality campaign for Edelweiss

Edelweiss is launching an augmented reality experience where Edelweiss fliers to or from Buenos Aires can be searched for and captured in the sky in real time using a smartphone.

The core of the mobile-first campaign is the "Catch a Flight" app and the interactive AR game inside it. With it, you can scan the sky and see live in augmented reality mode where the planes in the area are coming from and where they are headed. Most importantly, you can catch Edelweiss planes in the sky with a tap of your finger. Because every captured Edelweiss Buenos Aires plane is a chance to win a flight for two to Argentina.

In order to be able to display all the information such as flight number, origin, destination and altitude in real time, the official live GPS flight data from the international aviation authority is used and fed into the augmented reality game. Once the app has been launched, it can determine the user's exact position in relation to the aircraft using GPS and the orientation of the smartphone.

The specific circumstances don't matter: whether sunny, cloudy or at night, whether from the office, the tram or the bathtub - the app lets all Swiss people from anywhere join in.

To make sure you don't miss out on a chance to win, there is a countdown to the next flights and the option to be reminded with push messages. This way, all participants can win 36 direct flights with Edelweiss to Buenos Aires during the entire campaign period.

If you want to know right away what you can do in Argentina, there is a blog with inspiring tips for excursions directly on the app. And if you want, you can also book flights directly via the app.

Last week, the app was presented at an influencer event in Zurich and the first flights were scored by those present. In addition, the action is flanked by a targeted digital and social media campaign.


Responsible at Edelweiss: Bernd Bauer (Chief Executive Officer), Patrick Heymann (Chief Commercial Officer), Marco Brütsch (Head of Brand Management & Marketing Communications), Monika Blaser (Marketing Communications). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy (GF Creation), Adrian Merz, Samuel Wicki (Creative Direction), Leandro Disler (Art Direction), Calvin Kröhne (Digital Direction), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Marie Vuilleumier (Project Management), Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy). Responsible at Ateo: Sebastian Tobler (Managing Director), Xavier Heimgartner (Game Developer), Stefan Laubenberger (Software Developer), Melissa Derrer (Designer), Aaron Abt (Game Designer). Responsible at Renuo: Samuel Steiner (Managing Director), Lionel Lindt (Software Developer). Responsible at Rocket Film: Joel Lopez (DoP), Kevin Whelan (editing), Cloudscape (post-production), Hastings (sound design).

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