Raiffeisen Showcase: Universal Music brings Luca Hänni to Olten

Raiffeisen has teamed up with Universal Music & Brands Switzerland to launch the "Raiffeisen Showcase" event series for the YoungMemberPlus youth package at Olten's Schützi on Friday.


Raiffeisen's YoungMemberPlus package offers attractive banking services free of charge to a young target group - as well as leisure events. Universal Music & Brands Switzerland has developed a showcase concept for Raiffeisen that is designed to offer the young, music-loving target group a unique experience. On Friday, Luca Hänni performed in an intimate setting for an audience selected by Raiffeisen.

Raiffeisen used target group-specific social media measures to draw the attention of young customers to the showcase. In addition, various Raiffeisen banks personally invited YoungMemberPlus customers.

Hänni's choice for the showcase was also intended to reflect the values of the Swiss bank, as the Swiss pop star remains down-to-earth, likeable and accessible despite international success.

The campaign was intended to give young people who already benefit from YoungMemberPlus a present for Samichlaus Day. In addition, die-hard Hänni fans were to be made aware of the offer as potential new customers.

For Mirjam Keller, Senior Consultant Marketing at Raiffeisen and responsible for the campaign, the event was a complete success: "Universal Music managed to design a priceless experience with lots of chicken skin moments for our YoungMemberPlus customers - and with a meet and greet, to offer a highlight that the young Raiffeisen customers and music fans will remember for a long time!"

The showcase marks the beginning of a comprehensive campaign that Universal Music will continue for its branding partner Raiffeisen. Universal Music is taking on the role of a 360-degree music agency, taking responsibility from the conception to the implementation of the event. Raiffeisen, in turn, launched the Raiffeisen Showcase, a format that brought its commitment to culture to life on Samichlaustag.

Responsible at Raiffeisen: Mirjam Keller (Consultant Marketing Senior). Responsible at Universal Music & Brands: Jérôme Häfliger (Sales & Account Manager).

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