KSP implements B2B website for Remei

Remei, exclusive licensee of the BioRe brand, produces and distributes textiles made from 100% organic cotton and fair trade. Following the new brand platform Biore.ch, KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner has now also developed Remei's B2B presence.


The message "Unique sustainable solutions generating all-holder-value" is intended to position Remei to its customers as a unique solution provider in sustainable textile manufacturing.

The basic visual elements that structure the entire website are the animated pictograms that illustrate the sustainable and traceable supply chain "Fibre to fashion". In addition, the imagery of the BioRe brand, the BioRe Foundation and the reference customers, the "Creators of change" are used as case studies.

The new appearance is on Remei.ch, in the annual report and on all Remei business documents.


Responsible at RemeiMarion Röttges (Co-CEO Remei); Claudia Keller (Head Communication Remei). Responsible at KSP: Uwe Schlupp (creative direction); Tobias Brunner, Jelena Germann (web design and graphics); Lukas Vigniti (illustrations); Simon Kaserer (digital project management); Nico Kesper (text); Tiffany Brunner, Mara Bonnorand, Nina Stebler (consulting); Daniel Krieg (overall responsibility).

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