KSP for VW: "See you next year!" - the ID.3 congratulates Tesla

Tesla's Model 3 is Swiss Car of the Year in three out of four categories. Volkswagen's ID.3 congratulates the winner in a congratulatory ad. KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner is responsible for the implementation.


Alongside the congratulations, the ad includes the question "Was it too easy, Tesla?" - with a big wink. Since the ID.3 was not yet on the ballot this year, the Tesla had a pretty easy time winning. So the ID.3 is now looking forward to next year's election.

The subject appears in the Swiss Illustrated and in the L'Illustré.

Responsible at Amag Import VolkswagenMelanie Felder (Teamleader Marketing Communication Volkswagen); Diana Rizzo (Marketing Communication Manager Volkswagen). Responsible at KSP: Daniel Krieg (creative direction); Nico Kesper (text and content); Florian Kech (graphics); Stéphanie Tschanz, Franziska Saxer (consulting); Noemi Rubera (production). Responsible at MediacomNiels Keil (Communication Planning Manager); Svetlana Savatic (Senior Communication Planner /Consultant); Laura Schädler (Junior Communication Planner).

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