Rebellion of the rejected: tbd. makes a strong case for Hüppen

As "Rebel Hops," the committee of rolled and filled wafers is given its own entertaining product platform. The Zurich agency tbd. is responsible for the idea and implementation.


They are too long, too thick, too crooked, too short, too dark. The language is of Hüppen - "cigars" filled with gianduja - that do not conform to the norm and were therefore sorted out. As rejects, as production defects, as freaks. Just because they are different and do not fit into any standard box.

Yet these Hüppen are just as delicious, just as handmade, just as full of gianduja and therefore just as valuable as all the others. Now these Hüppen defend themselves against their ostracism and have joined forces in a (Hüppen) rebellion!

tbd. is responsible for idea, branding, design, packaging, brand story, marketing and the Online Shop responsible. Eight differently designed packs thematize the rebellion in different ways and entertain with short stories. Social media and targeted PR ensured awareness. The limited number of packs and the limited sales period were also intended to increase desirability. 


Responsible at tbd.: Tom Seinige, Sandro Nicotera, Gian Hoehener (creation); Susan d'Erlanger (consulting, management). Responsible at KobebeefMarc Rinderknecht (website, online store).

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