- Farner communicates for mobility

Individual mobility is a basic human need. This statement is at the heart of a broad-based commitment by Auto-Schweiz. The Association of Swiss Automobile Importers commissioned Farner with the conception and realization of the campaign.


The commitment "My Autograph" is intended to express that cars represent a primal human need: the freedom to do things spontaneously and to go one's own way. was launched with a content hub. The first blog articles are dedicated to electromobility, the mobility of the future and new technologies. Portraits about a wide variety of people from Switzerland convey how the car is used and in many different ways.

Building on this, the main part of the commitment begins in January - with a film series in which people in Switzerland, accompanied by well-known personalities, tell their personal relationship with the car. The series consists of eight episodes, will be shown on and communicated on TV and online media. A print and online campaign will run in parallel.

"Individual mobility is a need for freedom that is highly relevant to the Swiss," explains François Launaz, President of Auto-Switzerland. "The Farner team presented us convincingly that the agency understands our brief at all levels of communication and will demonstrate in an inspiring, informative and surprising way how the car will continue to contribute to solutions in the individual mobility mix in the future - and in an increasingly environmentally friendly way."

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