Kind regards and ZKB: Providing for the Unforeseeable

Life is full of surprises. With the right pension plan, you are ideally prepared for them. This is the basic idea behind the new campaign that Freundliche Grüsse has developed for the financial advisory service of Zürcher Kantonalbank.


Zürcher Kantonalbank wants to position itself as the ideal pension partner and as a counterpart that responds to customers' individual needs. As part of an always-on strategy, the Zurich agency Freundliche Grüsse developed a content bracket that is brought to life using several peaks. In the first peak, "Retirement planning," target persons are encouraged to arrange retirement issues and make an appointment for a consultation.

This is implemented by means of a campaign that focuses on unpredictable surprises in the future. The key visuals show situations in which the protagonist is in a moment of concentration. The headlines focus on drastic changes that the people depicted are facing in the future - without being aware of them at the moment. 

The activating slogan "Let's talk about the future" invites the viewer to prepare for the future with Zürcher Kantonalbank and builds a bridge to service. The campaign launched Monday on posters, print and digital ads, a landing page and in branches. In addition, online spots and a longer cinema version are being played out. 

Responsible at Zürcher Kantonalbank: Annina Krauer (Project Manager Campaign Management); Lukas Markwalder (Project Manager Marketing); Dominik Streich (Project Manager Brand Management). Responsible at Friendly regardsSamuel Textor, Pascal Deville, Manuela Brunner (overall responsibility); David Voges, Res Matthys (text/concept); Alain Aebersold (art direction); Michael Benz (strategy); Andrea Aegerter (consulting); Nadine Mojado (creative production). Production: Shining Pictures (film); Ari Zehnder (director); Alessandra Dolci (producer); Daryl Hefti (camera); Lina Baumann (photo); Roderick Aichinger (photography); UKO, Jingle Jungle (sound).

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