Jung von Matt/Limmat: In front of and behind the wall with Geberit

After Jung von Matt/Limmat started the cooperation with Geberit with a B2B campaign, a more extensive B2C campaign for "Better bathrooms, better lives" now follows.


The Zurich-based agency has been accompanying the sanitaryware manufacturer in its strategic communications planning for two years and supports Geberit in both internal and external communications, in the B2B and B2C areas. Since the integration of Keramag in April 2019, the company combines a variety of competencies under one brand umbrella. Jung von Matt/Limmat started the collaboration with internal change communication and a B2B campaign and is now continuing it with the associated B2C campaign. 


Concrete features for concrete needs 

The campaign comprises six awareness spots, each of which focuses on a customer need. With the help of illustrative bridge elements and humorous implementation, the spots bridge the gap between customers' everyday lives and Geberit's products - be it the comb insert for the shower or the actuator plate with odor extraction for fresh air throughout the bathroom. All spots are intended to show that Geberit stands for the perfect fit between customer needs and technical refinements. 

The awareness spots are played out online and accompanied by a print and digital campaign. Performance-driven programmatic advertising is used in the digital campaign. Geberit and Jung von Matt/Limmat are also using remarketing to target interested customers. 


In front of the wall, behind the wall

Jung von Matt/Limmat has already realized the corresponding B2B campaign for the fully integrated "Geberit One" product line for Geberit this year. The campaign is aimed at plumbers, planners, architects and other bathroom specialists with the message that those who rely on Geberit products both in front of and behind the wall benefit from a wide range of advantages such as simple planning and installation.

Among other things, qualitative and quantitative target group segmentation serves as the basis for the communicative measures that Jung von Matt/Limmat has implemented and is implementing for Geberit.

With the previous work for Geberit, Jung von Matt/Limmat wanted to integrate the most diverse aspects of the distribution of sanitary products from a creative point of view into an overall understanding of the brand and, at the same time, support the streamlining of the brand presence in communicative terms.

Responsible at GeberitMartin Baumüller (Head Division Marketing & Brands); Sibylle Siegrist, Isabelle Stucki , Karin Lang (Marketing Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Sören Schröder, Martin Winther (Creative Direction); Ennio Cadau (Text); Jannic Mascello (Art Direction); Ian Musgrove (Graphics); Andy Schärer, Valeria Vuckovic (Project Management); Nick Schoberth (Client Director); Stefan Naef (Chief Consulting Officer); Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt/playConstantine Wrage (Agency Production); Matthias Fasnacht (Managing Director). Responsible at Pumpkin Film: Stefanie Brand (Executive Producer); Aleksander Bach (Director), Björn Knechtel (DoP), Claudia Brand (Post Supervisor).

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