Art.I.schock poses questions to the Paulus Academy

The think tank of the Catholic Church is moving: In spring, the Paulus Akademie will open its new location in Zurich-West. In order to draw the public's attention to this, the participatory campaign "Who doesn't ask", conceived by Art.I.schock, is already starting.


For the Paulus Academy, the move means the beginning of a new era. As a place of encounter, education and reflection with its own event center, it would like to address an even broader audience in the future than before. To this end, it already wants to arouse the curiosity of the population.

In the first phase, the campaign will encourage people to ask questions of any kind that concern them. In the second phase, starting in February, the submitted questions will be incorporated into the public discussion and public relations work surrounding the opening. Then, winning questions will also be chosen, for which the Paulus Academy will organize its own events.

The campaign, designed by Art.I.schock, uses social media, cinema advertising, animated films and poster advertising as well as a series of postcards and guerrilla measures. The heart of the campaign is the campaign site, where questions can be submitted.


Responsible at the Paulus AcademyHans-Peter von Däniken (Director and Head of Social, Political and Cultural Affairs); Lukas Bernays (Marketing and Communication). Responsible for Art.I.schockSylvia Brüggemann (concept, consulting); Lukas Koller, Dominik Blaas (graphics and animation).

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