KSP launches the first tactical campaign in the new brand design for VW

KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner is currently promoting VW's SUV family, with a focus on the T-Roc, Tiguan and Touareg.


 "Your way - your SUV" is the overriding message and is intended to show that VW has the right SUV for every need. On the tactical level, the attractive 0.9 percent leasing is also advertised. With this campaign, VW's new brand design is broken down to the offer level for the first time and also unfolds its clear power in the reduced and monochrome visual language. The campaign runs with TVC and TagOn, online via online banners and online videos, on social media, on the radio, at POS and in print.


Responsible at AMAG Import Volkswagen: Melanie Felder (Teamleader Marketing Communication Volkswagen); Tanja Schärer (Marketing Communication Manager Volkswagen); Nina Stebler (Marketing Communication Manager Volkswagen). Responsible at KSP: Daniel Krieg, Uwe Schlupp (creative direction); Nico Kesper, Daniel Zehnder (text and content); Anita Kummer, Michelle Mancina, Tobias Brunner, Melodi Eken, Lukas Vigniti (art direction and graphics); Stéphanie Tschanz, Franziska Saxer (consulting); Noemi Rubera (production). Responsible at Mediacom: Niels Keil (Communication Planning Manager); Svetlana Savatic (Senior Communication Planner /Consultant); Florian Hamer (Digital Communication Planning). Responsible at SOP: Nenad Djokovic (Digital Project and Account Manager); Patrick Meier (Managing Partner).

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