Campfire shows for Twinings that there is a tea for every mood

Campfire created a user-centric 360-degree campaign for Twinings, giving the 300-year-old tea expert a colorful makeover.


A "good night" tea for the nerves, a "ginger-lemon" tea for inspiration - every tea drinker knows exactly that there is a suitable tea for every mood. And the Twinings range is as diverse as the consumers themselves.

With this core message, Campfire focuses on the emotional micro-moments of female consumers and aims to connect them in this way with the brand's wide range of products.


User-centric and authentic

The concept is based on the moods, motivations and challenges in the lives of the target group. Through down-to-earth and authentic communication, in which a stereotypical image world and glossy models are deliberately avoided, the existing and potential customers should recognize themselves. 
This spring, Wander appointed Campfire as its lead agency for the Twinings brand and commissioned it to develop a new communication campaign with a digital focus and to rebrand the brand. On the one hand, to draw attention to the wide range of products in the fruit and herbal tea market and, on the other hand, to modernise Twinings' image.

More than just black tea

From consumerless interviews it emerged that Twinings is primarily associated with black tea and English traditions, although the brand offers over 20 different blends in the herbal, fruit and feel-good teas segment. In designing the campaign, emphasis was placed on showcasing the diversity of the product range, but also on playing with associations with the brand. In the long term, this should lead to a change in consumer perception and improve customer relations.


Digital to POS

The establishment of a digital presence has a high priority. But: "When it comes to tea, the decision to buy is mainly made at the shelf," says Sarah Kieser, Brand Manager at Twinings. The big challenge is therefore to bridge the gap between the digital presence and the POS. 

The campaign overcomes this hurdle by focusing on an image campaign with a purchase-oriented approach. In addition to the image and product spots, which are specifically played out to users along their customer journey on the social media channels, a striking key visual was developed that runs as a common thread through all measures.

Responsible for WanderSarah Kieser (Twinings Brand Manager); Georg Kundert (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Campfire: Dirk Unger (Art Director); Michèle Bash (Concept & Project Management); Damian Kunz (Consulting); Andreas Rüst (Design); Julia Fehér (Text, Social Media). Implementation spots: Crunch. Media: Hutter Consulting, Dept Agency.

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