Great cinema for all: Wunderman Thompson realises sponsoring campaign for UPC

As part of UPC's Zurich Film Festival sponsorship, Wunderman Thompson wants to bring Hollywood feeling to the whole of Switzerland.


UPC TV promises a great and intuitive TV experience in combination with new 1 Gbit/s fast Internet, which has recently become available in rural and alpine regions of Switzerland. To generate awareness for this innovation, Wunderman Thompson launched several sponsorships for this year's Zurich Film Festival.

The opening of the ZFF on 26 September also marked the start of communication measures for its main sponsor UPC. "Great cinema for the whole of Switzerland" was the central message and also the claim of the campaign. The print motif shows a Swiss village whose name was erected in large white Hollywood letters. 


The fact that the voice control of the new UPC TV even understands Swiss German is dramatised in the cinema spot, which shows a young man shouting instructions to his television set in dialect.

In addition to advertisements, DOOH, social media measures and an online branding day on, a visual appearance at the ZFF itself was also created.

Responsible at UPCIngrid Zaissenberger (Director Content Creation); Laura Ballestrin (Manager Marketing Communication); Tanja Parello (Marketing Manager Partner Networks, Events & Sponsoring); Sandra Gmür (Intern Brand & Media). Responsible at Manifesto Films: Reto Salimbeni (Director); Shannon Mildon (Producer); Michelle Bucher (Producer); Tilman Cluss (Editor); Andy Jenny (3D/VFX Artist). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Swen Morath (CCO); Annette Häcki (CD); Winfried Schneider (text); Stephanie Belvedere (AD); Eveline Hagenbuch (consulting).

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