Sir Mary for Tamedia: A lot happens in election month

Sir Mary continues the "A lot happens in 3 months" campaign and once again collaborates with journalists to develop a national mobile subscription promotion for various Tamedia titles. The topic: the upcoming National Council elections.


Sir Mary and Tamedia have continued the colorfully illustrated summer campaign "A lot happens in 3 months". The cover of 20 minutes on October 07 was all about the election fall: on it, the reader learned, among other things, that the oldest eligible voters are more likely to vote than the youngest, and that over 178,000 Swiss votes come from abroad.

The illustrated front pages advertised a new mobile subscription promotion nationwide with election facts that varied by region in some cases. Mobile subscriptions to the Zurichsee-Zeitung, Zürcher Unterländer, The Land messenger, 24 heures, and Tribune de Genève.

In selecting the topics, Sir Mary again worked closely with journalists from the respective titles. 18 election facts were selected, some of which were adapted to suit their regions of operation. In addition, the facts not only adorn the covers of nationwide 20 minutesbut also as digital ads on Tamedia platforms and social media. Further measures are to follow.


Responsible at TamediaDaniel Hess, Katja Walser, Nadège Ntsika, Raphaela Birrer, Benjamin Geiger, Patrick Feuz, Emilie Saint Girons. Responsible at Sir MaryFlorian Beck, Andi Portmann, Pascal Baumann, Delia Guerriero, Tobias Röben, Ria Breitenmoser, Daniel Zuberbühler.

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