Wirz Brand Relations has given the new USZ a face

Wirz Brand Relations has redeveloped the overall image of the University Hospital Zurich. This underlines the transformation of the hospital.


The timing of the launch of the new brand identity was chosen deliberately. It is intended to convey the hospital's departure into a new era, which is characterised by a reorientation of the strategy and the start of the overall renewal in the university quarter. The rebranding can now be incorporated into the new buildings from the outset, which enables a cost-efficient implementation.


Versatile and visible use

The new image is characterised by the combination of clear, focused elements such as the reduced and striking USZ logo with organic shapes that give the brand design an independent character. "At the core of the creative concept for us was the idea of merging the components of humanity and medical excellence into a harmonious whole," explains Michaela Burger, Creative Director at Wirz Brand Relations.

In addition to the design basics, the agency is also responsible for the signage in the entrance and outdoor areas, as well as the design of the web presence, the moving image formats, the digital templates and various publications. 


give accessibility

Parallel to the new brand design, the agency developed and implemented the new brand campaign. In line with the USZ strategy, the campaign focuses on people and what moves them. Real and concrete stories are used to convey what the USZ does every day to improve the quality of life of patients. "This requires our understanding and empathy for people and their needs and ultimately, of course, an authentically designed implementation. The collaboration has thus resulted in an intensive and productive exchange between all parties involved," says Florian Rajki, Head of Marketing.

The USZ wants to remain a leading and at the same time accessible hospital in the future. The new brand identity should also support and convey this. 

Various core media and measures are already in use. Further implementations will be staggered over the next few months, taking into account the usual replacements.

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