Erdmannpeisker develops TV sponsorship short spot for Dr. Oetker

The Erdmannpeisker agency has developed a short commercial for Dr. Oetker's pizza called "Real American Taste," which will be broadcast in October as part of a TV sponsorship.


To promote the product "Take Away Pizza New York Style," Dr. Oetker is sponsoring the two high-reach shows "Joko & Klaas vs. ProSieben" and "Ninja Warrior Switzerland" in October.

The short spot was developed by Erdmannpeisker, with Markenfilm Schweiz responsible for production. The sponsorship is broadcast before, during and after the show.

Responsible at Dr. OetkerValery Henle (Executive Manager Marketing). Responsible at ErdmannpeiskerGabriel Peisker (CD); Sybille Erdmann (consulting); Patrick Fawer (AD). Responsible at Markenfilm Switzerland: Michael Gloor (production); Gregor Brändli (director); Gregor Brändli (camera).

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