Bold launches evocative fall campaign for Pro Senectute

Seniors belong cared for, not disposed of - this is the message of this year's fall collection campaign by Pro Senectute. Bold is responsible for the implementation.


The campaign shows an old woman who has been dumped in the attic together with superfluous household goods and forgotten. The deliberately provocative appearance was conceived and implemented by Bold from Bern.

The TV spot and mailing focus without glossing over the question of how our society would like to deal with older people, and thus encourage people to think. As Switzerland's largest provider of services for the elderly, Pro Senectute has been committed to a self-determined and dignified retirement for over 100 years - yesterday, today and tomorrow. Every donation is therefore an investment in your own future.

Responsible at Pro Senectute SwitzerlandPeter Burri Follath (overall responsibility), Silvia Brüllhardt (project management). Responsible agency: Bold. Production : Stories. Directed by Samuel Morris.

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