Wunderman Thompson makes bread dough fly for Migros

For Migros, the Wunderman Thompson agency celebrates traditional bakery craftsmanship in a national campaign.


Fresh bread by closing time is an important frequency driver in the retail trade. However, bread is often only baked on or ready to eat on site. Migros practices traditional bakery craftsmanship under the "Fresh & Handmade" brand in its 130 stores with in-house bakeries.

In a national campaign, Wunderman Thompson stages Migros' bread expertise with appetizing images. The focus is deliberately on the actual craft to illustrate what makes a fresh loaf of bread so good. The flour dusts, the dough flies, it is mixed and kneaded, shaped and put into the oven.

The nationwide launch of home bakeries under the "Fresh & Handmade" brand has been seen since mid-September as a print, DOOH and digital campaign, as well as on social media.


Responsible at the Federation of Migros CooperativesGiovanna Colucci, Theres Kummer (Campaigning & Sponsoring): Catia Pérez (Product Range Profiling); Valeria Marra (Media). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Annette Häcki (Creative Direction); Kevin Zysset (Art Direction); Christian Schirmer (Text); Marlon Perini (Programming); An Le, Kim Prinzip (DTP); Corina Carabelli, Stephan Lanz (Consulting). Film production: Hillton; Jyri Pasanen (Director); Ralph Bätschmann (DOP); Gian-Andrea Albin, Gilles Germann (Producers). Food styling: Karin Frey. Photography: Claudia Linsi. Image editing: Lorenz Wahl. Media agency: Dynamo.

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