Wirz slips very close to disaster for Suva

With Suva's new campaign, Wirz shows why the "vital rules" should always be observed in professional life.


A forestry worker is almost killed by a spruce, a technician almost by a massive robot arm. With gripping, impressively staged images, Wirz's Suva campaign shows situations in which it is only by chance that no one has an accident. The films are accompanied by light-hearted music and end with the message: "Life is beautiful as long as nothing happens. That's why we have Suva's vital rules." Suva drew up the "vital rules" in collaboration with the various industries.

The campaign, which also works on posters, ads, social media and as digital out-of-home and animated banners, is a further development of Suva's prevention campaign launched in spring 2016. The main message: no job is so important that you should risk your life or that of your employees for it.

For years, Suva has advocated stopping work immediately if a vital rule is violated and only resuming work once the dangerous situation has been remedied. Nevertheless, Suva counted 55 fatal accidents at work last year alone. In 75 percent of the cases, at least one vital rule was not observed.


In order to maintain awareness of the issue, Wirz was commissioned to develop and implement a new communication campaign. This is based on the empirical finding that for every accident resulting in death, around 100,000 "unsafe conditions and actions" must be assumed; in other words, work situations in which employees often only avoid accidents by chance. The campaign points out that by observing the vital rules, the prevention of accidents is not left to chance. 

"Wirz has succeeded in perfectly capturing an important topic," says André Meier, head of the Lucerne occupational safety department, in praising the campaign. "We generate attention for occupational safety without staging an accident. With the spectacular images, we want to raise awareness for following the vital rules - and show that you shouldn't rely on your luck at work."

Livio Dainese, co-CEO and creative director of Wirz, says: "Suva is about life and death. It's about big messages, negative statistics and data. Finding a creative, humorous solution here is valuable and fulfilling." He is therefore all the more pleased that Suva has placed its trust in Wirz for this task.


Responsible at Suva: André Meier (Head of Occupational Safety Lucerne); Urs Schaad (Head of Marketing Communications); Erwin von Moos (Project Manager Campaigns), Beat Enderlin (Head of Communications Occupational Safety and Health); Guido Bommer, Peter Meier, Michael Kaufmann, Urs Limacher, Mario Schernthanner, Roland Schürmann, Adam Maurus, Hanspeter Röösli, René Benno Gauch (Safety Specialists Suva). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese (CCO), Fernando Perez, Samuel Christ (ECD), Niels Schäfer (CD), Heinrich Schnorf (AD), Gioia Varesi, Elena Gabriel, Nico Schläpfer (Graphics), Petra Dreyfus (COO), Lena Kast, Fabiana Imhof, Barbara Waldvogel (Consulting), Erasmo Palomba (Agency Producer), Adrian Huwyler, Björn Bippus-Brender, Mario Müller, Angelo Mabellini, Aline Herzog (XLAB), Cosima Lang (Wirz Storyline), Urs Krucker (Strategy), Désirée Guzzo, Sonja Jegen, Corinne Räber (DTP), Karin Gartmann (Image Editing). Photo: Holger Pooten, Emeis Deubel, Berlin (representation), Versatile NYC (CGI/Postproduction). Film: Stories (Production Company), Yves Bollag (Producer), Meret Früh (Line Producer), Tobias Fueter (Director), Pascal Walder (DOP), Klaus Hartl (Art Dep.), Benjamin Fueter, Alessandro Biffi (Edit). Music: Fabian Sturzenegger, Spacetrain.

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