CR Basel for Professionals get ahead

Major TV and online presence for the campaign: Five TV commercials on various TV and online channels in September and October stage the central idea of "learn to become".

Spot SBFI Restaurationsfachfrau _ Fachfrau Operationstechnik 0-7 screenshot

From restaurant specialist to surgical technology specialist, from bricklayer to karate teacher or from care specialist to translator - in concise, catchy images and with surprising editing, the spots are intended to briefly highlight the diverse career opportunities that begin with a vocational apprenticeship. Anyone starting out in whatever profession or wishing to develop further in their later career should be able to identify fully with the campaign claim of Professionals get ahead.


The campaign, created and continuously developed by the agency consortium CR Basel, Logos Kommunikation and Komma PR in close collaboration with SERI and the association partners (cantons, associations), was launched in 2015. The poster series now comprises 24 subjects covering all occupational fields and connection options. In spring, the partners of the association were able to vote for their favorite poster on the campaign website. The "Learn to be a florist, become a fashion designer" theme received the most votes, closely followed by the "Learn to be a hairdresser, become a biologist" theme.


Responsible at SERI: Gerda Lüthi (project responsibility), Tiziana Fantini (communication). Overall responsibility CR Basel, steering group agency side: Kathrin Kiener (consulting management; Logos Kommunikation), Thomas Fux (consulting, media; CR Basel), Gabriel Heuberger (creation; CR Basel), Rolf Marti (consulting, editing; Komma PR). Joining the CR Basel team: Judith Mann (text), Thomas Schaub (AD), Daniel Roth (graphics), Joëlle New (consulting), Marie-Luise Platten (administration). Cinematic realization: PlanB Film. Photography: Ralph Lehner.

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