Basel West shows for Viscom: Print promotes democracy

On behalf of the association for visual communication Viscom, Basel West makes print advertising palatable to the candidates for the Council of States and the National Council.


Over 4,600 eligible voters are running for the National Council and Council of States and are facing an exciting election campaign in the cantons. Despite advancing digitalization, print media still form the backbone of democratic opinion-forming.

The Swiss Association for Visual Communication Viscom has made candidates aware of the advantages of a print campaign. Personalized mailings show various possibilities and arouse the anticipation of electoral success. The effectiveness is backed up with facts and figures. For example, print media have a seven times stronger effect on customer loyalty than digital media.

In the Federal Parliament, the Print Parliamentary Group advocates the concerns of the industry, which generates value added of CHF 4.2 billion with over 12,000 employees.


Responsible at Viscom: Thomas Gsponer, Director. Responsible at Basel West Corporate Communications: Markus Siegenthaler (consulting, conception); Thomas Aerni (conception, design); Roland Juker (photography).

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