Evoq launches campaign on the social commitment of the Cantonal Banks

In a national campaign, the cantonal banks are drawing attention to their social commitment to responsible money management among young people. At the center of the campaign, which was developed by the Zurich agency Evoq, is a TV spot that emphasizes the importance of good financial literacy.


Adolescents and young adults have an above-average debt risk. For this reason, the cantonal banks have joined forces with teachers' associations in the FinanceMission initiative to improve young people's financial literacy. As co-initiators and financial sponsors, the cantonal banks are creating the conditions for teaching schools how to handle money in an exciting way.

The TV commercial takes on an everyday family situation in a humorous way: The family is sitting down to dinner together, eating spaghetti. Slightly defiant, the 13-year-old daughter confronts her parents with the fact that she has found a way to afford her dream cell phone. Visibly surprised, the parents take note. Apparently, their shrewd daughter learned how to plan income and expenses at school and now knows exactly how to fulfill her wish on her own.

In terms of creation, the challenge was to create a campaign with young people that was, at its core, tailored to parents: "What we learned is that advertising with young people is also aimed at young people. In order to address parents as a target group, we took the topic out of school and brought it to the family table," says Dominique Haussener, managing director of evoq communications.

The campaign will start on September 16, 2019, and will be broadcast on all national TV channels and on the major private stations. To accompany the campaign, Evoq developed campaign subjects that will be used in ads, on posters, in social media and in the branches of the cantonal banks. They use the protagonists from the commercial and focus on the dialog between parents and children in a condensed form.

To optimize the reach and broad impact of the campaign, online video ads will be placed on Swiss news platforms alongside classic TV advertising. "The InRead video formats are currently among the best available to us online in terms of the quality of the environment and placement," says Sandro Prezzi, who is responsible for media strategy and planning with his agency PMC Prezzi Media.


To meet the information needs of the core target group of parents, PMC has entered into cooperative agreements with the most important parenting magazines and parenting online platforms. A series of articles provides tips and information to deepen the topic of financial knowledge in the family.

The brand and advertising agency Evoq, which also implemented the campaign for the various channels and media, was responsible for the concept. The spot was produced by Onfilm and directed by Luki Frieden. The campaign subjects were photographed by Sandra Bielmeier.

Responsible at the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks: Karin Schwerzmann (Head of Marketing Communications & Services), Regula Matzek (Project Manager Communications FinanceMission and Marketing Communications). Responsible at Evoq Communications: Dominique Haussener (Account Direction), Adrian Schaffner (Concept and Consulting), Susanne Pfäffli (Text), Sara Streule (Creative Direction), Marta Frieden (Art Direction), Amanda Fuchs (DTP), Daniel Kuster (Project Management). Responsible at onfilm AG: Luki Frieden (director), Michèle Seligmann (producer), Simone Krebs (production manager), Carolina Kohler (production assistant), Emanuel Demenga (set AL), Filip Zumbrunn (camera), Orit Teply (AC), Denis Spycher (DIT-VTR), Tom Meyer (gaffer), Nico Cavegn (lighting), Emilie Fischer (set/styling), Michelle Oberholzer (makeup/styling), Ruedi Guyer (sound), Rodo Works (post-production), Brauereisound GmbH (audio production), Sandra Bielmeier (photography). Responsible at PMC Prezzi Media: Sandro Prezzi (overall responsibility), Ella Erogul (digital and print planning)

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