Contexta: Easy through Europe with SBB - even without a jet

Environmental calculator instead of moral club. In the current campaign for SBB, Contexta offers a counter design to the Easyjet generation.


The campaign offers a valid alternative that counters the well-known rock-bottom price of the flying competition with a new currency - namely kilogram CO2. It is not intended to be judgmental, but to show that the journey to Europe by train costs around ten times less CO2 than by plane. Not a moral cudgel, but an environmental calculator that also transparently shows the share of nuclear power or lignite in the international electricity mix. 

In addition, the campaign features aspects that are familiar from the Easyjet generation: "We are picking up on the momentum of the current market movement in our new campaign appearance and sketching out a counter-design to the advertising appearance of low-cost airlines," says Doro Engels, Marketing Manager International. "After all, those who belong to the 'next generation' today consciously travel by train. And they do so at an eco price."

The cross-media lifestyle campaign with the claim "To Europe at an Eco-Price" was launched nationally on Monday. "The current discussion is creating a broad awareness of climate-friendly travel," says Reto Meissner, head of marketing communications at SBB Passenger Traffic. "It's important to us that we make it easier for people to choose it, not exclusively, but simply increasingly." 


Responsible at SBB Passenger Traffic: Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communications); Monica Cabano (Communications Manager); Alfonso d'Ambrosio, Doro Engels (Marketing Manager International); Bas Vogler, Corinne Schneeberger (Media Manager); Urs Plattner (Production Manager). Responsible agency: Contexta. Film: southern t. MusicBloop. Photographer: Pierluigi Macor/DS Photographers. Production: Danielle Stutz/DS Photographers.

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