Branders implements new brand identity and omnichannel campaign for Sanitas

As the new lead agency, Branders presents a differentiating brand identity and an emotional omnichannel campaign for Sanitas under the communicative guiding idea "Together for your health" in a first step.


Since spring 2019, Branders is the new lead agency of Sanitas and, as a creative consultancy, manages strategy, branding, brand communication and advertising for the health insurance company.

In close collaboration with the Sanitas team, a differentiating brand identity and an emotional omnichannel campaign have been created over the past few months under the communicative guiding idea of "Together for your health. In the new brand identity, the duo-tonality of the unchanged Sanitas logo is used to create a play of contrasts that symbolizes togetherness and closeness to customers and people. A revised color palette makes the brand appear younger and more agile; the typography is larger and shorter. Various Sanitas digital applications are being gently revised and adapted in line with the new look.


A TV spot, conceived and shot in collaboration with Dutch director Bram van Alphen, introduces Switzerland to the new Sanitas and its attitude of togetherness. In addition to the 45-second image spot, various 10-second performance spots with specific sales themes are used. A widely distributed DOOH campaign draws attention to the health insurance company's range of services.

On the digital channels, various landing pages pick up potential customers exactly at the topic relevant to them; a comprehensive retargeting strategy leads once more interested parties to the appropriate offer. Megaposters, live communications, various social media measures and targeted SEA round off the media mix.
Conception, support and implementation of the media strategy for classic, digital and social originates from Mediaschneider. Webrepublic is responsible for the online concept and the production of interactive branding and performance banners as well as the implementation of social media ads, sitebar and scratch ads.

Responsible at Sanitas: Kaspar Trachsel (Head of Sales and Marketing); Valentin Hüsser (Head of Brand Management); Marco Chini (Head of Campaigning and Events); Jasmine Rizzo (Marketing Manager); Britta Mickeler (Marketing Manager); Daniela Grass (Marketing Manager); Claudia Sebald (Head of Content and Corporate Communications); Simone Rolli (Graphics & Corporate Design). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO); Thom Pfister (Executive Creative Director); Philippe Knupp (Strategy Director); Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience); Thea Ferretti (Director Communications); Patrik Bockhacker, Michèle Motterle (Brand Consultant); Sarah Egger (Junior Brand Consultant); Micha Kumpf, Palma Manco, Soraya Gaouaoua (Senior Brand Designer); Sarah Trendle (Executive Brand Designer); Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter); Martin Fähndrich (Video Journalist). Responsible at Rosas & Co (film production): Nadia Rosasco (owner and producer); Yanik Müller (junior producer); Bram van Alphen (director); Per Kasch (photography). Responsible for the image pool: Per Kasch (photography, direction); Peter Bender (camera); Per Kasch, Peter Bender (editing); Jonas Ellerbrock @ POP (post-production and grading); Joe Berger (production). Responsible at Mediaschneider: Carolin Jünger (Consulting Group Leader); Janine Nussbaumer (Consulting Group Leader); Bettina Büchi (Consultant); Eva Ott (Junior Consultant). Responsible at Webrepublic: Katja Martinello (Head of Creation); Pascal Sonder (Senior Multimedia Designer); Silvio Porcelli (Multimedia Designer); Sofia Costantini (Multimedia Designer); Livia Voellmy (Junior Multimedia Designer).

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