Karling for the Fashion Days in Sihlcity: Discover your Style

With over 30 specialist fashion stores, Sihlcity offers a huge selection of styles. This is highlighted by the annual Fashion Days. For two days, the mall becomes a catwalk and styling lounge.

The creatives at Karling have created a campaign for the Fashion Days that celebrates Sihlcity's fashion diversity as well as the changeability of its people. The body of a model is literally used as a canvas to show the different styles that can be found in Sihlcity.

POS_Sujet 2

The highlight of the campaign is a wall in Sihlcity, where the different styles are projected onto a model by a projector: In this way, the clothes of the model, who is actually dressed in white, change every second. The idea also appears with the projections on e-boards, posters and in advertisements. Last but not least, there is a radio spot that focuses on the Styling Lounge of the Fashion Days with a wink.

Responsible at Sihlcity: Jessica Graf and Corinne Wiederkehr. Responsible at Karling: Rolf Helfenstein, Verena Fetzer, Daniel Serrano, Patrick Suter, Carl
Winthereik. Photography and moving image: Florian Raz.

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