Publicis and UBS show professional world champions in the wrong profession

Only those who know their strengths can develop their full potential in professional life; this is the message of the new campaign by UBS and the Swiss Skills Foundation.


UBS has been a partner of the SwissSkills Foundation since 2017 and is committed to vocational training in Switzerland. While last year's campaign featured clueless bankers highlighting the importance of vocational apprenticeships for a well-functioning economy, this year the focus is on the apprentices themselves.

Only those who really know their strengths can choose the right profession and develop their full potential. The outstanding performance of the SwissSkills team at the WorldSkills 2019 vocational championships in Russia proves that this is the case. The Swiss team brought home a total of 16 medals at the end of August, securing third place in the national rankings.

For young people who have not yet identified their own talents, UBS and SwissSkills offer a so-called strength profile at the SwissSkills Career stand at all major careers fairs. After completing a short visual test on a tablet, this provides a detailed evaluation of personal strengths and affinities. A good basis for further career choices.

To promote the commitment and the strength profile, Publicis has once again designed a campaign. Two online spots feature two real professional champions who show that no one is equally good everywhere. Thus, although they excel in their own field, they struggle with other activities.

The campaign ran alongside the World Cup in the summer and will now be played out regionally in the run-up to the careers fairs. The online films are flanked by various display and social media ads as well as implementation on UBS's own media.

Responsible at UBS: Daniel Fischer (Head of Marketing Region Switzerland), Sonja Kingsley-Curry (Head of Key Initiatives & Creative Assets), Markus Egloff (Head of Creative Solutions), Julius Wiedemann (Digital Marketing Specialist), Joël Frey (Head of Content Marketing), Dania Vogel (Head of Moving Images), Michelle Ligtenberg (Social Media Specialist). Responsible at Publicis: Peter Brönnimann, Jan Kempter (CD), Andrea Klainguti (Art Direction), Urs Hirschi (Managing Director), Meret Lauener, Jacqueline Willimann, Stephanie Galfano (Consulting), Lena Altorfer (Strategy), Suzana Kovacevic (Prodigious), Thomas Wildberger (CEO). Responsible for production: CZAR Switzerland (film production) Johannes Schröder (director), Thorne Mutert (executive producer), Vincent Taeger, Sandy Blum (producer), Jingle Jungle (sound studio), Yves Bachmann (photography), Visualeyes (photo production).

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