Gian and Giachen attract workers to Graubünden

With Enavant 4.0, Wirz is implementing a broad-based, digital communication offensive for Graubünden as a business location.


In Graubünden, you can not only spend extremely relaxing holidays, but also live and work excellently. World market leaders from a wide range of technology sectors have their headquarters in the Alpine Rhine Valley - and their need for highly qualified employees is growing and growing. That is why the broad-based location promotion campaign that Wirz developed and implemented for the graubünden brand focuses on the advantages of the mountainous canton as a place to live and work.

For the first time, all the players are joining forces: The communication offensive is supported by the graubünden brand and the Graubünden Ferien tourism organisation, as well as the Office of Economic Affairs and Tourism, the HTW Chur and leading high-tech companies from the region.

The film "Schaffa" with the popular ibexes Gian and Giachen serves as the actual umbrella of the campaign. Their usual humorous treatment of the topic of "life and work" provides the introduction to a versatile digital content cosmos.

The heart of which is a richly filled Hubwhich showcases the region and companies such as Hamilton, Trumpf, Cedes and Integra Biosciences. To highlight the advantages of the location and attract new applicants, more than a dozen true-to-life portraits of highly qualified employees from Germany and abroad were created.

For example, an industrial engineer reports on how she took the long way from Brazil to the Alps for the job - and without having to give up her other passion, music. Or we learn about the fishing rods made of bamboo that Clau Deplazes, a native of the Grisons, manufactures after working on sensors for the automotive industry.

The offer is rounded off with texts about Graubünden as a location for innovation and all the advantages that make the Alpine region a natural metropolis. The content is played out programmatically as engagement ads at home and abroad.

The Graubünden brand is convinced of the success of the new, long-term measures: "If we consistently move in the same direction over the years, people will also perceive Graubünden as an attractive place to live and work in four years' time," says managing director Gieri Spescha.

Livio Dainese, Co-CEO and creative director of Wirz, emphasises the versatility: "What is exciting about this campaign is on the one hand the basic constellation with the broad sponsorship, and on the other hand the substance. Creativity has many faces - here we can also show them in terms of digital marketing and content. Both areas in which Wirz is particularly fit."

All contents are also available under the menu item "Life and work" on available. The content hub will be continuously expanded in the coming months.


Responsible at Graubünden: Gieri Spescha (Managing Director Brand graubünden), Andrea Beerli (Project Manager Brand graubünden), Martin Vincenz (CEO Graubünden Ferien), Marc Held (Project Manager Product and Experience Marketing Graubünden Ferien), Luzi Bürkli (Head of Corporate Communications Graubünden Ferien), Ralph Triet (Content Management). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese (CCO), Alain Eicher, Fernando Perez (ECD), Dominique Magnusson (AD), Florian Siegrist (Text), Elena Gabriel (Graphics), Petra Dreyfus (COO), Simone Jehle, Michael Ottinger (Consulting), Erasmo Palomba (Agency Producer), Adrian Huwyler, Gianluca Reich, Björn Bippus-Brender, Aline Herzog, Giovanni Bucca, Mario Müller, Angelo Mabellini (XLAB), Adrian Schräder, Cosima Lang, Michèle Roten, Sebastian Sele, Ronny Nicolussi, Miro Maurer (Wirz Storyline), Martin Frank (Strategy). Photo: Lukas Mäder. Gian and Giachen Film: Sehsucht, Munich (animation), Jingle Jungle (audio post-production). Movies NatureMetrople: Bsv-production, Martin Bäbler.

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