New Swica campaign from Wirz raises questions

However, the first Wirz offensive for the Winterthur health insurance company also immediately provides the appropriate answer: "Because health is everything".


Wirz and Swica focus on one answer in their first joint campaign: "Because health is everything." "The claim is not new," says Caspar Heuss, Executive Creative Director at Wirz Communications. "But until now, it hasn't been where it is for most people in their lives: at the center. It succeeds because now it addresses the very questions that lead to that answer."

The campaign subjects work with the concrete advantages that Swica customers enjoy. These are incorporated in the form of various questions and, together with the answer, form the core of the campaign. "Why can you call us even in the middle of the night? Because health is everything" can be read on one ad, for example.


Swica had chosen Wirz as its creative agency in 2018. "Their campaign idea represents a return to what is essential in life: health. I am exceptionally looking forward to working with the Wirz team," said Michael Schneider, Head of Marketing at Swica, on the occasion. The current campaign is the first result of this collaboration.

Customer satisfaction as a mission

Customer satisfaction is Swica's top priority. In all its activities, the health insurance company therefore focuses on the real needs of people. This is also where the new campaign fits in. With the creative concept, Swica sends an extremely strong, relevant and self-confident message that it can credibly deliver. Swica has an answer for all questions: Because health is everything.

In order to guarantee high visibility during the important fall phase for health insurers, the campaign consists of an exceptionally large number of different advertising media. These include six TV spots, seven poster sujets, four radio spots and a variety of digital measures. In Winterthur, where Swica is headquartered, a specially designed bus is now making its rounds.

Responsible at Swica: Michael Schneider (Head of Marketing), Remo Tanner (Head of Marketing Services), Giovanna Oezdemir (Marketing Services Specialist), Helena Gubernale (Head of Online Marketing), Florence Schelling (Online Marketing Specialist). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese (CCO), Caspar Heuss, Fernando Perez (ECD), Katrin von Niederhäusern (AD), Naomi Gulla (Graphics), Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer (Agency Producer), Petra Dreyfus (COO), Isabelle Jubin, Manuela Bührer, Katharina Erdrich, Luana Tonoli (Consulting), Adrian Schräder, Michèle Roten (Storyline), Urs Krucker, Martin Frank (strategy), Adrian Huwyler, Björn Bippus-Brender, Angelo Mabellini, Mario Müller (XLAB), Andrea Bosshard (production), Thomas Peller, Desirée Guzzo, Corinne Räber, Ramona Trebucchi, Adina Nehrkorn, Laura Graf, Oliver Fäs, Rino Frei (media realization), Theodor Marbet, Sandra Beyer, Jacqueline Chevrolet (proofreading). Film: Pumpkin Film, Camila Zapiola (Director). Postproduction: Southern-t. Music and sound logo: Tonton. Sound design and sound mixing: Sound studios Z. Photo production: Danielle Stutz Photographers, Lasse Bech Martinussen (photographer).

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